Borosilicate Glass Downstem Diffusers - 18mm Joint

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Glass downstems look great but break easily, as they're perhaps one of the most fragile parts of a bong or waterpipe. Downstems are also undoubtedly one of the hardest parts to clean! So, whether you're replacing a broken bong downstem or want to throw in a new one for a cleaner look, we offer 18mm joint borosilicate glass downstems on the cheap. We offer the same borosilicate glass downstems in the 5 most common lengths! 

Material: Borosilicate Glass
Shape: Straight Type
Joint Size: 18mm
Downstem Lengths:

Size 1: 3" / 7.62 cm
Size 2: 3.5" / 8.89 cm
Size 3: 4" / 10.16 cm
Size 4: 4.5" / 11.43 cm
Size 5: 5" / 12.70 cm